72 Tips for E-Learning Designers and Developers

E-Learning Guild E-Book

E-Learning Guild E-Book

As e-learning designers and developers, we often find ourselves getting on the forums, checking the blogs and twitter feeds for little tricks, tips, and shortcuts on how to more effectively use the tools we have or find new tools that do different and exciting things. So, the E-Learning Guild just published this wonderful e-book with 72 tips to increase your knowledge and help you produce the best, most exciting e-learning pieces you can!

The book is organized into sections on recording, editing, and incorporating live audio and video, creating whiteboards and animated videos, making media accessible, podcasting tips, and tips for planning, processing, and using instructional design for media.

There are more theory-based tips in here and a lot of practical how-tos as well. One thing I noticed is you can actually learn a lot on how to maximize the tools most of us already have. For example: using PowerPoint to edit video.

One of the coolest things about this book is it’s haiku-like accessibility. You can pick it up at any time, anywhere (I won’t mention one obvious place a lot of people catch up on their reading here) and just take in a few tips at a time without having to pick up where you left off. In this age of quick, short Twitter feeds, 72 Tips is truly a great resource, and a regular gold mine of useful information. What more could you ask for? Pick up your own copy today.


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