What the Bert?

Funny how something that originated as a joke among friends can become an overnight
e-learning sensation. Last week, Jackie Van Nice responded to David Anderson’s
e-learning challenge to create an learning experience primarily using video footage from a Smartphone. She bravely rose to the challenge resurrecting an old mutual friend of ours, Bert.

Click to view Jackie's submission

Click to view Jackie’s submission

She imagined an independent e-learning designer taking a much needed day trip away from the office to the ocean. This designer brings along with her a curious and somewhat obnoxious companion Bert. Well, the response to Jackie’s submission was so strong, I pretty much HAD to come up with a follow-up Bert-related submission for this week’s challenge. 

Bert T-Shirt

Bert T-Shirt

Over the course of the week, David Anderson had mocked up both a Bert t-shirt and Bert button. That gave me the idea that maybe Bert was some sort of celebrity on a huge US tour. What is Bert’s actual gift to the world? Is it music, acting? I’m still not sure, but regardless I took this week’s challenge to create an interactive organizational chart and made it all about Bert’s staff working hard to put together his first tour of the US. 

As Bert (or my right hand if you will) were a bit occupied during the shoot, Jackie helped me out doing all the camera work. Thanks Jackie! 

Bert Org Chart

Bert Org Chart

in the interest of time, I limited the organizational chart to five individuals. I thought it would be funny if my bunny Gingerbread who doesn’t take any flack from anyone, would be in charge of the whole operation. 

Importing and Editing Video in Storyline
All the videos were imported into and even edited in Articulate Storyline. I used a simple layered approach with clickable images. Clicking on each character opens a layer and plays their requisite video. Each layer also had a trigger that would close that layer once the video stopped playing so people would be returned to the org chart on the front end. 

Bert Button

Bert Button

So, it’s basically just three slides: an intro, the org chart with layers and videos for each character, and an outtro. 

Navigation Considerations
Since Bert already introduces himself on the intro slide and I wanted to show his position on the organizational chart, I just took users back to the intro slide when they clicked his image. I knew that slide would automatically take users back to the organizational chart slide after the video stopped playing, so that seemed to work OK. 

If I had more time, I could also have added variables and triggers which would automatically take users to the last slide after they played all the character’s videos, but I decided to just make that accessible via the “next” button. I figured most users would understand to click it when they were done playing with the organizational chart.

So, enjoy the latest installment in the Bert odyssey. Bert hopes to see you all as we take this thing to the road!


9 thoughts on “What the Bert?

  1. Don’t listen to Jeff, Dan. This is far more than just slightly disturbing.

    You did such a great job with the whole concept – and knocked it out in no time, too! We got lucky that Dewey and Gingerbread knocked it out quickly, too. They’re good.

    Fantastic, hilarious job!

    • Thanks again for the help with the camera work, you were a consummate professional. As for Jeff thinking it was only slightly disturbing… if we could only walk a mile in his shoes…

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