I’m Ready for My Close Up

You need to create an e-learning course about how to use a text book. You want to show the sections in context where they appear on the page, but also need to focus on the specifics in each section. I created an interactive e-learning lesson on this using Articulate Storyline’s zoom feature and highlights.

Click here to run the interaction

Click here to run the interaction

I actually created this in response to an e-learning challenge presented by David Anderson to create an interactive screenshot experience. Since I had done something similar for a recent client, I thought I’d create a page from an imaginary text book to demonstrate some of Storyline’s features.

Setting It Up
After creating the imaginary page, I imported an image of it and added a grow entrance animation on the first screen. I then duplicated the slide once, removed the grow animation from the new slide, then duplicated that slide four more times. I named each of the new slides after the sections they will highlight.

Going back to the original slide, I created highlight boxes and synced them to the audio to call learner’s attention to the different sections on the page. To do this, I simply created boxes over each section with a blueish-green outline and no fill, and had them fade in when they were initially mentioned in the voice-over.

I then added a trigger to each box, and told it to go to the slide for that section when the user clicks on it.

Zooming In
Next, I went to each subsequent slide and added a zoom region to drill in on that part of the page. I also timed the zoom to go in and out with the audio narration. These slides were all set to go back to the introductory slide once the audio ended.

Zoom in on section

Zoom in on section

Sometimes you need to drill even further into a section of a page. To do this on the “Glossary” section, I just applied similar highlight boxes to fade in and out while the section was being zoomed in on. I also timed the fade in/outs to sync with the narration.

Zoom in with highlight

Zoom in with highlight

You can also use SnagIt to get a screen shot of just part of a page and have that “grow” in on top of the full page view. Then you can zoom in even further and highlight subsections within the currently viewed section. I did something like this for a client in one of their training modules.

So, now that I’ve gotten you all excited about text book training, check out my sexy little interaction here.


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