Space is the Place

This week, David Anderson challenged us to create an online magazine. Being a huge fan of space exploration, I created mine in Storyline 2 about the solar system.

Click here to view magazine

Click here to view magazine

Follow Your Passion
If I was going to create an online magazine about something, it would have to be about a topic I was really excited and knew a lot of interesting little facts about. Methane lakes and ice volcanoes on Saturn’s moon Titan, the global liquid water ocean on Europa, and the human settlement of Mars would all provide very exciting content and pictures for my magazine.

Moon page linking to external sources

Moon page linking to external sources

Sources and External Links
Since I only had one day to create this online magazine, I linked up to content from other online sources. Fortunately, the creators of Storyline had the wisdom to make all links to external webpages default to open in separate browser windows. So if someone clicks on one of the links, your original webpage is still open so they can easily get back to the main menu.

Quiz question

Quiz question

Quiz Interaction
I didn’t want my magazine to just be a “link farm” to external webpages, but I didn’t really have the time to write a whole article on space and design the whole layout of the magazine in one day. I wanted at least one activity or interaction on my magazine that would be unique and entertaining, so I opted to create a simple 10 question quiz on the solar system. Being such a space fanatic, I had no trouble coming up with the questions.

I added pictures to each quiz question and added the Saturn symbol I created to the feedback master. I also customized the responses to be more specific to some of the questions, so learners wouldn’t just get the generic “Correct, you selected the right answer” or “Incorrect, you selected the wrong answer” feedback to their answers. I think if you’re going to give feedback to learners, you better customize it or it’s going to come off very monotonous and annoying.

Customized feedback layer

Customized feedback layer

Now Boldly Go!
So, let’s take this little journey through our solar system together. Be sure to take the quiz, you’ll be surprised what you learn. I’m sure the knowledge you gain will open new and exciting vistas for you as it did for me.


2 thoughts on “Space is the Place

  1. Great idea for a digital learning magazine, Dan! Including the quiz and other internal content while linking out to even more made it seem even more complex and interesting.

    Well done. See you on Mars!!

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