Icons of Music History

As many of you know, I like to dabble in music a bit. So when David Anderson challenged us to create an original set of e-learning icons that we would offer up to the public, I instantly thought of the various formats music has been made available in throughout the years.

Download Storyline File

From left to right we have an Edison Coil, Vinyl Record, 8-Track Tape, Cassette Tape, and CD.

What would be some possible applications for this? Well, maybe you’re teaching someone about the history of recorded music. I’m sure that a lot of people who have created icons throughout the years have never anticipated how others might use their creations.

As I’m writing this, of course I thought about other possible icons as well, like for reel-to-reel tape. But the beauty of this is I’m sharing my Storyline file where I created these images, and not only could you go in and change the colors, but you could use many of the shapes in here to create your own unique icons for other formats that come to mind.

So feel free to use and modify these icons as you see fit, put on your favorite song and let your hair down! You can download the zipped Storyline file from Dropbox here:


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