To Tell E-Truth

In this week’s e-learning challenge, David Anderson asked us to create something based on the “two truths and a lie” game. He gave us some flexibility in what we could create and so I decided to create a gaming experience using Storyline 2 based on the classic “To Tell the Truth” game show.


Click to play To Tell E-Truth

Rather than talk about myself this time, I thought it would work better to have three people pretending to be an e-learning expert. That way players (who are usually other e-learning designers) would be able to test their professional knowledge.

To Tell the Truth
The way the original game works, two people are pretending to be someone they’re not, and a third person is the “real thing” – in the case of my game, you have to guess who is the real e-learning expert. You get to ask each person up to three questions, and then based on their answers, you pick the most likely candidate.


Flat Design
I created a simple TV set out of shapes in Storyline, and just had a very basic set design which the contestants stood behind. I was particularly proud of the credit roll I created at the end of the game which also gave me the opportunity to tell people how much of the experience I created from scratch.


The Cornball Theme Music
I have to mention that I created all the music and voices for this game. I originally recorded just me mouthing the theme music which I later recorded using “real instruments” such as a trombone sample, upright bass sample, and a drum machine beat that I tapped out by hand using a metronome. I used Cubase software to record the music.

Audio editing in Cubase

Audio editing in Cubase

E-Learning with “Character”
I recorded all the voices right into the condenser mic on my laptop. Normally, I’d use my very nice Audio Technica microphone and record all the voices in Cubase to avoid distortion and get a very clean, crisp sound. But since this was all theoretically coming out of a little TV set speaker, I decided to just stick with the recordings I originally made directly into Storyline.


I also had captured the moods and humor of the various characters well enough, that I didn’t want to lose their original tone. So, check it out below and let me know what you think!

Click to Play

Click to play To Tell E-Truth


2 thoughts on “To Tell E-Truth

  1. Another game show tour de force from the maker of E-Learning Feud. I’m still crazy about the original I’m-going-to-make-trumpet-noises-with-my-mouth-now music. Maybe when you come out with an anniversary edition of your e-learning games boxed set you can include that track as a bonus item. I’d buy it! Great job, Dan. 🙂

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