What Should You Include in a QA Checklist? Part Two

In my last blog I introduced you to the QA Checklist and talked more specifically about styles as they relate to the way text is presented. This week we’re going to focus on QA for animations.

Animations to Objects on the Screen
Most animations in e-learning are entrance and exit animations. For example: a picture might enter the screen by growing from small to large, fly in, fade in, etc. A picture might be set to exit the screen by flying out, fading out, or may not have any exit animation at all. In Storyline, there is a setting on the timeline for showing objects until the timeline ends, or to show always.

entrance exit

entrance exit

So, there are four primary things to look out for:
1. Are the entrance and exit animations set to the right type (IE: fade, fly, grow, etc.)?
2. Are the images appearing and disappearing at the correct time? This is especially important when you have voice-over narration that the images are supposed to be synced up to.
3. Is the length of time it takes for the image to animate in and out set to the right number of seconds/milliseconds?
4. Are images unexpectedly disappearing before the screen finishes? This is why it’s crucial to make sure you are watching each screen until the end to make sure this isn’t happening. Objects may disappear like this because they were copied and pasted from another screen with a shorter or longer timeline.

Oftentimes after the narration gets added, the timeline gets longer and some of the images may have not been set to stay on until the end of the timeline. In the example pictured below, one of the images disappears at the 30 second mark because the narration extended the timeline.

image set to disappear at 30s mark

image set to disappear at 30s mark

Transition Animations from Screen to Screen
I like to set my animations to do a quick cross-fade from screen to screen as I think it makes the modules appear to run more smoothly rather than an abrupt jump from one screen to another. But there are a lot of screen-to-screen animation options available. You just want to be sure they’re set the way you want them.

I tend to duplicate screens to save time when adding new ones, but occasionally I will add a new screen from scratch, and that’s when I’m most likely to miss adding my favorite cross-fade animation to a screen.

Have I Missed Anything?
Now I would love to hear from you about animation settings. Are there any things I haven’t mentioned here that we should be looking out for? Feel free to add your comments below and we can add them to our QA Checklist for animations.


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