Celebrating Froome and Sagan

I love watching the Tour de France, the mountains and other scenery is so beautiful and the competition is intense and exciting. This week, David Anderson from Articulate challenged us to create an eLearning interaction based on some aspect of the Tour. I chose to talk about a couple of my favorite cyclists, Chris Froome and Peter Sagan. As of this writing, Sagan was holding the green jersey for a few stages, but lost it a few days back, and Froome was unable to participate due to his ongoing recovery from injuries. Hopefully he’ll make it back by next year.

Two Major Cyclists from the Tour

To give the sense of movement, I used a lot of wipe, fly-in/out, and grow animations. I also like starting with a background picture in full color and have it fade out into a semi-transparent grey-scale picture so you can read the text. I also used the yellow tour color and the colors from the two cyclists jerseys for a gradiated background color. Whenever you put text on top of pictures, you have to look out for things getting too busy or hard to read. Hope you enjoy this simple little interaction.

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