E-Learning and ILT

I am an independent e-learning designer and developer located in the beautiful low country in South Carolina. Working primarily with Articulate Storyline and Rise, I love to create vibrant
e-learning courses that are fun, memorable, and engaging for the learner.


I have helped to develop e-learning and instructor-led training courses on a wide variety of topics designed for a number of large corporations and even a few non-profit organizations.

“Over the past year, Dan worked with my organization to develop three online courses for formal and non-formal educators. Dan was truly wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable about Articulate Storyline and often made recommendations for improving the way content was presented. I appreciated Dan’s flexibility and ability to meet deadlines. Whenever he had a concern or question, he would let me know so that we could figure it out. Together, we have produced amazing online learning experiences that have been very well received by our stakeholders and learners. I look forward to working with Dan on our next project!”

Jennifer Pic
Instructional Designer/Training and Development Specialist


As a musician, I have 10 years of experience recording, editing, and mixing audio on Cubase SX software.

Audio editing in Cubase

Audio editing in Cubase

I would be happy to edit audio clips, add sound effects and incidental background music if needed. I tend to use sound sparingly in e-learning courses, focusing on what would enhance the learning experience rather than distract from it. I wrote and recorded this James Bond/Peter Gunn styled music for Jackie Van Nice’s online portfolio and for my own, I composed this tropical piece on kalimbas to fit the rain forest theme.


For video editing, I use Pinnacle Studio 20. I am currently creating a series of music videos using this software.

Proofing/Quality Control

I have created and used checklists to proof and test modules and courses for navigation, animation, pacing from slide to slide, audio, transcript, style issues, and overall consistency.

Industry Articles/Blogs

I have written numerous articles on ILT and e-learning and am now sharing my knowledge and experience in blog posts here on WordPress. A number of my quick tips for e-learning designers were just published in the E-Learning Guild’s 72 Tips for Using Media to Engage and Teach e-book released in 2014.

E-Learning Guild E-Book

E-Learning Guild E-Book

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