Teaching by Storytelling – My Portfolio

Over the last eight years, I have created a wide variety of e-learning courses and interactions, whether for clients in the corporate world, non-profit organizations, or Articulate’s weekly e-learning challenges. Here is just a sampling of my work. Simply click or tap on the picture to open the interaction.

Customer Service Training


Interactive Video Quiz


Software Simulation/Interaction – Show and Let Me Try

View of Entire Interface

Fire Extinguisher Safety Training


Step Graphic Instructional Video

Learners can pause during instruction

Multiple Slider Interaction/Game

Click here to make sliders with Bert!

Rise Course


Adaptive Learning Path – Space


Video Quiz Game with Closed Captioning



Educational Training

Click to view Blowing Bubbles Sample

Ethics Training Branching Scenario

Click to view example of delayed answer.

Click to view example of delayed answer

3 Imaginative Ways to Present Bulleted Lists – Sample #1

Click to view sample

Sample #2

Click to view Sample of Plussing Bullets

Sample #3

Click to view sample.

Slider Interaction – Tropical Fruit Facts


Physics Spelling Bee Interaction

Physics Spelling Bee Intro

Elearning for Rock Stars Game

Tour map
Tour map


Bloom’s Taxonomy Drag & Drop Interaction

Roger Ebert makes an appearance

Sales Mobility Hardware/Software Training

Software Training

Elearning Feud Game

click here to play e-learning feud game


Portfolio Interaction
For more detailed descriptions of my thought processes behind the creation of some of these examples, I created this interactive portfolio.

Click here to view my e-learning design portfolio



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